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The main body of work presented here are examples of my ongoing engagement with the work of the architectural practice of the Berlin-based Brandlhuber+, now also known as B+.

Starting in 2012, I began to look at what was then still the idea for a project and a developing narrative named San Gimignano Lichtenberg referring to both the area of Lichtenberg where the two towers of the project were located as well as to the eponymous towers of the medieval city of San Gimignano in Italy. 

The two towers of San Gimignano Lichtenberg – the remains of the conveyance belt of a former GDR graphite and coal production plant in Berlin's former industrial East. The surrounding area, then semi-abandoned, underused and defined by a continuous surface of huge and slightly slanted prefabricated concrete slabs, transformed over the years into a site now predominantly occupied and used by large Asian food markets, warehouses, improvised storages, obscure cargo handling points, and a series of ever-changing car repair services.

While the surroundings slowly transformed and diversified, the towers themselves remained essentially unchanged. At some point, a few holes were drilled, some large glass panes inserted, and the premises framed and contained with a low-slung concrete barrier, doubling as a bench separating and simultaneously claiming and asserting the site in its surroundings. The largest of the two towers is now in use as the workshop and studio of the new offices of B+.

The images of this slow transformation alternate with other images of projects and situations that, over time, sparked my interest, either by Brandlhuber+ or other contemporary practices and situations.

A few other examples here look at some international projects of Herzog de Meuron, notably some images related to their work in Miami Beach, USA and an atypical development in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Though most of these pictures are being used and reproduced in an editorial context — I prefer the work circulating boundless, in free form, in all sizes, formats, and presentations — as pure intangible visual information.

In the process, I experimented with low-key and unassuming printing procedures both through publishing and various exhibition formats. I prefer the unpretentious and cheap techniques of mass printing, mass distribution, online publishers, large format poster printing, and, ultimately – websites.

As this website is a work in progress, more content will be uploaded over the next few months. In the meantime, other examples of my work can be found here on the website of Erica Overmeer. 

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